How to Naturally Enlarge Your Penis without Risk?

First of all, please take some time to read the paragraphs about pills, extenders and pumps. Even intelligent and well-informed men still buy these types of “snake oil” penis enlargement products, it’s a classical desperate buyers market. Men who, mostly psychologically, suffer from a smaller than average penis are lured into buying worthless crap that is sold for hundreds of dollars.

But, is it possible to make your penis bigger, without any health risks, without any expensive products that don’t work? Yes. Don’t expect miracles, marketing claims like “double your size” are not realistic, but with the right approach some enlargement in girth and length that’s permanent is possible.

A penis is no a muscle, but with the right training you can still achieve surprising results. This doesn’t only include a bigger penis, but the ability to last longer when having sex as well. Basically, a larger, fitter and more attractive penis.

Penis Enlargement Remedy

A inexpensive and working enlargement program that costs less than $50 and worked pretty well for me is called “Penis Enlargement Remedy“. It presents a brand new natural stem cell based approach and comes with a 8 weeks no questions asked money back guarantee. I personally already had a rather large penis before, but what I especially liked is the better control and “erection on demand” training which worked out well for me.

You won’t be hung like a stud afterwards, again, there isn’t a magic formula, but you can make the best out of your penis the natural way for sure. More confidence, better and easier erections, simply a better sex life without any dangerous devices or supplements.

penis exercises

Give Penis Enlargement Remedy a try, it costs a fraction of questionable devices and supplements you may have tried and there is no health risk involved. I was happy with the result and I’m confident you will be happy with this program based on the newest scientific research as well.

Making your penis bigger and better is possible, but penis enlargement is pretty much like weight loss: At the end only the right training is an effective method to permanently see results. So, don’t let any multi billion dollar industry fool you, you now know better!

Does Penis Size matter to Women?

The mantra published on many websites is that size doesn’t matter for women. Unfortunately, this seems to be a plain and simple lie. In face to face surveys most women claim that penis size does not matter for the quality or their sex life, but anonymous studies show the exact opposite: Most women say that a bigger penis looks aesthetically more appealing and ensures a better stimulation during sexual intercourse.


Additionally, the majority of women prefer confident men and there is clearly a relation of penile size and self-confidence. Men with a bigger penis seem to approach women in a more positive and active way.

Studies with men show similar results: While most men with a bigger than average penis claimed to be very satisfied with their sexuality, many men with a smaller penis said they already had problems with sexual intercourse, especially bringing their partners to orgasm.

Let’s face it: A bigger penis means more confidence and a better sex life!

Don’t believe me? Watch the video below, Professor Michael Jennions from the ANU (Australian National University) Research School of Biology talking about a study on penis size and attractiveness by Dr. Brian Mautz. We linked his name with the official researcher profile on the university website, so you can see this isn’t some bogus made up scientist, but a real professor.

What is the average Penis Size?

The are many studies about penis size from all over the world, the average penile size varies a bit depending on which sources or studies you refer to. In general and in contrast to common believe there is no relation of average penis size to race, age or overall body size. The worldwide mean measurement for a relaxed, flaccid penis is about 4.7 inches in length with a circumference of roughly 3.9 inches. The north american average is slightly higher, almost 5 inches. In studies that rely on self measurement these values are significantly higher than in studies that base on measurement by medical professionals, according to a Wikipedia article.

Important: To measure you penile length (base to tip) correctly, you should use the a ruler or similar device, not a soft measuring tape. Always measure from the top, softly pressing the ruler against your pelvic bone right at the base oft the shaft. The method is the same for measuring erect and flaccid length. For girth, use a measuring tape and wrap it around the thickest part of the shaft, but not the glans.

The length of the flaccid penis does not related to the length erect penis. Some studies say the stretched length is a hint to the effective erect size, although this data isn’t scientifically verified. The mean erect size is an estimated 5.5-6 inches with a circumference of 4.7 inches.

An adult penis of 2 inches or less is referred to as a medical condition called micropenis, which affects about 0.5% of the worldwide male population.

Are Penis Extenders a Scam?

Penile extenders often also called penis stretchers work like the old weights hanging technique that was often advertised before these extenders were released on the market.

To make it short and simple: Whatever you do, stay away from penis extenders. These products are extremely dangerous, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) seized the products of one of the biggest manufacturers in 2010 since did not meet quality standards and the manufacturer had “failed or refused to furnish materials or information regarding the devices to federal inspectors as required under the Medical Device Reporting regulation” in a prior inspection.

The hard truth is: Penis extenders stretch this penis, but the only thing that actually gets longer is the skin and conjunctive tissue, so the penis looks a little bigger in flaccid state. It’s pretty much the same effect you see, in reverse order, when losing weight quickly. The stretched skin and conjunctive tissue doesn’t contract properly any more.

The cavernous body itself is also stretched, but it’s not as stretchable as skin. The results are often micro fissures that will heal again, but with the only slightly increased size in erect state, severe problems can arise: Weaker erections, pain, erectile problems and in worst case even erectile dysfunction. Don’t get us wrong, using a penis extender does not automatically mean you’ll suffer from erectile problems, but do you want to take this risk?

Your extender is doctor approved? There are also a few doctors claiming smoking can’t cause cancer or harm your health. It’s basically a risk versus reward calculation. The reward may be a slightly enlarged penis, primarily in flaccid state. The risk is sexual problems that are not reversible in worst case.

penis extender

Decide yourself, we discussed this topic on several forums and the extender industry certainly has smart people, stylish websites and their pseudo scientific studies, but when using common sense the conclusion should be: Stay away! Scam is a strong word, but a bigger penis that doesn’t get as hard as before is not what we would call a good result.

The only effect these enlargement devices have is stretching the skin and ligaments, which may result in nerve damage, stretch marks, less sensitivity, blood circulation problems or even permanent impotence. You may end up with a longer but much thinner penis in relaxed state, while the size when erect stays the same as before using the device. Some customers report weaker erections and a loss of sex drive after using penile extenders over a longer period of time.

Out of all scams and non working expensive approaches, penis extenders are the worst. You pay a lot of money for a silly device “Made in China” that barely costs a few dollars and may ruin your health along the way. If you are looking for reviews, always look for official government health sites or reputable medical sites since this industry making loads of money with these devices pays an army of advertisers to write shady reviews or testimonials about their products.

Go the natural way and use a reputable and proven penis growth program like Penis Enlargement Remedy to enhance and enlarge your manhood in a safe way.

Are Penis Enlargement Pills a Scam?

Most Penis Enlargement Pills contain a mixture of different herbs that increase the blood flow in your body and your penis. Many manufacturers claim that their product is approved by doctors and absolutely safe and effective. The testimonials you find on their websites often only show a few questionable and exceptional results after using the product, that aren’t really verifiable.

There are no solid scientific or clinical studies about these pills, despite the claims of some doctors obviously hired by penis enlargement pill manufacturers. Most of the ingredients used will without a doubt help you get slightly stronger erections, but similar to the pumps this is only a short-term effect and no real enlargement.

Most ingredients used in penis pills are very cheap and also contained in every day vitamin pills or health supplements.

Some pills even contain ingredients like Yohimbe Extract the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) explicitly made warnings about!

The penis pills can be a good and easy solution if you are suffering from relatively weak erections that don’t last long, but do not expect miracles and always pay attention to possible side effects. They are not a replacement for Viagra, Cialis or similar prescription drugs that are used to fight erectile dysfunction. Make sure the pills are manufactured inside the USA, preferably in FDA approved laboratories, since the quality of the ingredients is important and inferior chinese products sold on sometimes really good-looking websites are notorious for contamination with heavy metal or other dangerous substances.


Do not order pills from stores or websites offering free samples or recurring billing, since long-term contracts with a manufacturer mean you have to buy a product and pay for it even if you are not happy with it. Recurring billing from some shady websites is hard to cancel.

Bottom line: You will spend enormous sums of money on a product that may result in slightly harder erections, but no real penis growth. Although the ingredients are extremely cheap, manufacturers and distributors charge a fortune for the final product. Some ingredients could cause allergies or even worse health problems.

The only reputable offer I found is XtraSize, they have a no questions asked guarantee, the product doesn’t contain any dangerous ingredients, they have a 56 page real clinical double-blind and placebo controlled study from 2009, containing the data of 78 men from India over a period of 7 months. Customer friendly terms & conditions without any hidden traps. If you want to give pills a try, this is my recommendation.

Are Penis Enlargement Pumps a Scam?

Pumps are advertised as an easy and effective way to increase penis growth and get a bigger penis when used for a regular penile training. Unfortunately, all these claims are not true, penis enlargement pumps do not work and even worse, are a major risk to your health.

The vacuum induced inside the penis pump while using it leads to a faster blood flow that induces are temporary growth or mild erection, with an emphasis on temporary. Already several minutes after using the pump, your penis will shrink back to its normal size again without any lasting or permanent effect.

Penis enlargement pumps can actually hurt your penis. They can cause a burst of capillaries in your penis, cause blister or even improper circulation of blood which may lead to impotence if using over a longer period of time. There are also indication the penis pumps can induce peyronies disease, an abnormal bend in the penis while having an erection.

Bottom line: Severe health risks and no permanent effect. Penis enlargement pumps are a scam, the only thing that’s effectively enlarged by these pumps is the income of the companies manufacturing and selling these devices.

penis pump

Please note this article refers to enlargement pumps only! There are pumps designed for erectyle disfuction (ED), helping to get an erection like the Encore Deluxe which is recommended by the American Urology Association. These pumps are approved medical devices for erecting your penis before sexual intercourse and can restore sexual function for many impotent men. These professional systems have nothing in common with the enlargement pump scams.

To minimize this risk and make the whole process more comfortable, modern penis enlargement pumps use a hydrotherapy system, meaning the vacuum is based on water instead of air. They are used with warm water in the shower or the bathtub and are the safest but still most effective way to make you penis grow permanently. Nice side effect: Pumping has an instant effect, while permanent enlargement with them takes time, you can temporarily enlarge your penis in one day with them anyway. The instant boost in girth and length you’ll see after using your penis pump lasts for a few hours.

The most popular product is manufactured by Hydromax, a company from the UK. Their Bathmate, Hydromax and Xtreme series features a fine selection of different pumps in different sizes with maximum comfort and control. Maybe unimportant to you, but in contrast to the usual ED pumps they also look good. I’ve been using one of their pumps for several month, every morning when having a shower, perfectly fits my daily routine without spending too much extra time (about 20 minute) to enlarge my penis. For quickest results, combine your daily pumping session with some jelqing in the evening.

In the beginning, you penis may feel a little uncomfortable, especially if you want to force growth too much. Just skip a day, while pumping just once a week won’t help, but all results you achieved are permanent, so no hurry. Pay attention to their size recommendations and the size calculator to pick the right size and suction force depending on your current penis length and width/girth. They are offering a 60 day risk free money back guarantee for their customers, so make sure to buy from the official website and avoid resellers.

Bigger penis, better sex?

Does a big or bigger penis mean you have better sex? The answer is yes, since men with a bigger penis tend to have more self-confidence and less thoughts about if they can really satisfy a woman. The mindset is often far more important than anything else, but there are other factors as well.

Women are primarily stimulated via the clitoris, but vaginal or penetration stimulation is also most important for the majority of women when it comes to getting an intense orgasm. No matter what a woman tells you, a purely clitoral orgasm, e.g. via oral sex is never as intense as one with a big penis inside her, scientifically proven since the oxytocin levels are higher during a penetration orgasm.

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Oxytocin is a peptide that’s heavily affecting the brain, reduces fear, boosts trust and emotional empathy, it simply makes a women feel that you are the right guy for her. The more oxytocin, the stronger the effect. The less, the higher the chances that she’s missing something in a relationship or may even look for a guy who can please her more effectively. Sounds harsh, there are certainly social factors controlling this effect, but never less that’s how women are programmed by nature.

So, all lost with a smaller penis? No, since sex isn’t the most important thing for many women, but ladies who have a very active sex life tend to give more importance to penile size than those who are happy with one or two times a month.

Is there any help for Premature Ejaculation?

First of all, your are not alone! Many men have a problem controlling their ejaculations, especially younger or unexperienced men suffer from relatively fast ejaculations. It isn’t really a sexual disorder, but can be quite distressing and annoying for both partners.

Premature Ejaculation

But how long is ok and normal? The average man lasts 3-10 minutes, experienced men easily 10 minutes and longer, the time periods refer to the actual sexual intercourse. We talk about real premature ejaculation if you last less than these 3 minutes. If your woman is unable to get an orgasm before you ejaculate, it does not automatically mean you suffer from premature ejaculation like some websites may claim, but it’s still a problem for any relationship.

The good news: There is help and it’s highly effective. In contrast to the rather complicated penis enlargement, early ejaculations can be cured very well, so put aside the shame and act!

1.Desensitizing Spray

Basically the same stuff used in tattoo studios as well, just with a little different and milder formula. All these sprays contain lidocaine, which has a numbing/desensitizing effect. It may feel a little strange first, you are feeling less but this also means you can last longer. It’s a short-term solution that works great for some men and not so great for others, but considering the fact that it’s relatively cheap it’s definitely worth a try. A good product would be the Gibraltar Erectile Sustainer for example.


Since premature ejaculation is rather complex and has physical and mental elements, the only real long-term cure if the proper training to get rid of the embarrassing and humiliating experience. You can actually learn to control your ejaculations and you’ll see the first success pretty fast, maybe even tonight.

There are many training guides and programs promising premature ejaculation help, if you look at the customer feedback, their reputation and the time they are around, 3 Step Stamina certainly sticks out of the crowd. The program delivered permanent success and fast results for most users and is by far the best in our opinion. Solid advice without empty promises.

It was created by Aaron Wilcoxxx, a real adult movie actor. He has many years of experience in this field and exactly knows the real triggers and causes of the problem as well as how to get rid of premature ejaculation. In fact, he suffered from premature ejaculation a long time himself. His techniques are simple, proven and highly effective.

3.See a doctor

If you never before suffered from premature ejaculation and it suddenly occurs, maybe even combined with pain in your penis or prostate, it is advisable to see a doctor. In some cases inflammation of the prostate, certain sexually transmitted diseases or a nervous system disorder can also be the causes for premature ejaculation. This isn’t certainly not the common reason or cause, but if in doubt asking your urologist is a good idea. There are prescription only drugs like Dapoxetine (Priligy) or prescription free ones like Climax Control that can help.

What are the best Male Enhancement products?

Are there really any products than can be described as the best on the market, 100% effective and without any side effects? No other industry offers so many different products, everybody has some doctor on the website claiming it’s approved and safe, impressive before and after pictures as well as raving customer reviews. What’s true? What really helps? The products offered can be split up into 3 categories: herbal/chemical, manual, psychological and last but not least surgery.


1.Herbal and chemical
In this category you’ll find all kinds of pills and sprays that will not make you penis larger, but can enhance the blood flow and cause harder and longer erections. Most pills contain a mixture of herbal ingredients. They can be an option if you suffer from some sort of erectile problems, like weak erections or problems maintaining an erection during intercourse. Always make sure to check the ingredients carefully, since herbal doesn’t mean these pills can’t cause any allergic reactions or have side effects. Some of the strongest poisons are natural ones! Some users report great results with these pills and there is certainly a psychological component as well. Overall, not a bad solution, but not suitable for me who want to increase their penis size.

2. Manual
This category contains all products that manually try to enlarge the penis: Weights, pumps, extenders, jelquing, exercises. First of all, the ability of the penis to really grow stops once the puberty if over, which means these enlargement methods mean you are stretching the tissue of your penis. We highly recommend not to use any external devices for stretching, the force applied can be hardly controlled and you could do some mayor damage to your penis. Worst case: permanent ED (Erectile dysfunction)! The only manual method that works, gives good results and is safe for your health is exercises and exercise programs. They boost your self-confidence, again a psychological effect and show you a way to make the best out of your penis. The most reputable and advanced program available online is Penis Enlargement Remedy, around for many years with thousands of happy customers who successfully used their techniques.


3. Psychological
Especially men suffering from erectile problems should see a doctor first. Diabetes for example can be a reason for the inability to get a real erection. The good news: Most of the time it’s simply your head. Long and stressful days at work, sitting all day, no sports, not enough sleep, a multitude of possible reasons. The pressure you are feeling to “perform” as expected, to “work properly” like a pornstar, adds additional stress. Here penis training and exercises can help as well, they allow you to discretely train your penis and once you see the first results, these “I am a loser, I can’t satisfy my woman” thoughts will go away quickly. If this training doesn’t help, you can still see an expert.

4. Surgery
Surgery is the last resort and anesthesia for example always comes with some dangers and possible complications. The price starts at about $5000 and can be as high as $20000. While this is an effective way to add a few inches, the results are unpredictable. Many men have their erections point down afterwards, have a hairy penis base or the penis looks deformed if dermal transplants are used. Overall, the result rarely justifies the risks of a surgery and the extremely high costs. Be careful with before and after photos, they often show the state of the penis before surgery in flaccid state and after in a semi-erect state to make you believe surgery delivers exceptional results.

Bottom Line:
Live healthy, eat healthy, do some sports, even if it’s just half an hour per day. See a doctor if you think you have permanent erection problems. If it’s about length, girth and overall performance, use natural training, even the best program will cost you less than any pump, extender or dangerous device.

How long and when does my penis grow?

Especially young men often ask the question when the penis starts growing, how long (time span) it will grow, when it will finally stop growing and stay at a certain size. Penis length growth already starts at birth and always constantly continues, like growth of the whole body, till about the early twenties. For most men the growth ends between the age of 18-20, when the height growth ends, but there are always exceptions. The growth during puberty is the fastest, 1-2 inches on average.

Same goes for the penis girth, here the most significant gain of about 1-2 inches is during puberty as well.

Penis Myth

All types of male enhancement products, no matter if pills/supplements, extenders, pumps, surgery or special exercises are strictly meant for adults with a fully grown penis only. While the penis is still growing naturally, they are all doing more harm than good and should be strictly avoided. It’s never too late to start with bigger penis exercises for example, even for seniors they still show good results, but it can be too early for sure.

5 penis myths busted

Many so-called facts about the penis are just myths, time to bust 5 really popular ones:

1. Men with large palms, a large nose or large feed have a big penis

While tall men have a bigger penis than short men on average, statistics are just grand numbers with loads of exceptions. There are very short men with a really huge penis as well are very tall men with an extremely shirt penis. While penis size is mostly defined by the genes, it doesn’t follow any predictable patterns and certainly can’t be judged by the size of palms, nose, feet or any other part of the human body.

2. The penis is a muscle or bone

Having a bone in the penis would certainly be a very painful experience and although many men would love to be able to train their penis like muscles, it isn’t a muscle. It primarily consists of a sponge like tissue, arteries and veins. An erection is purely based on the blood flow into the penis, zero muscles or bones involved.

3. The number of ejaculations in life is limited

Fortunately, it isn’t, there isn’t a sperm depot that’s empty and doesn’t get refilled after X ejaculations. The testicles constantly produce new sperms. While sperm quality and fertility slowly decreases the older an individual becomes, this doesn’t influence the ability to ejaculate and has no relation to the number of overall ejaculations. If you want to boost your overall ejaculation volume, you may want to check out a special supplement also used by actors in the adult entertainment industry.

4. You last longer with a circumcised penis

Common believe, but there are no studies or scientific facts that would back up this claim. The average duration of intercourse isn’t lower or higher in europe for example, where the majority of men is not circumcised. The nerve damage done by circumcision is quickly repaired by the body, the only exception is circumcision at adult age, but with refined surgical methods today, it is minimal anyway.

5. Women don’t care for penis size

All about technique, size doesn’t matter? This may be true for an average sized penis, but most women in anonymous surveys claim to have less fun with a penis that is significantly small than average (5-6 inches). This matches with the fact that the female orgasm can be achieved by clitoral stimulation only but is more intense and often longer with additional vaginal stimulation.

Are penis sizes in Europe different from the US?

The average penis size in northern america is 5 inches, but what about europe? The nice infographics below gives a good overview, France and Hungary are leading with impressive 16.01 and 16.51 centimeters, Romania and Ireland get the, well, short end of the stick with barely 13.0 centimeters. This translates to 5 inches (lowest value) to 6.5 inches (highest value), which would be a bit above the US average…if those numbers are really accurate. But hey, we had John Curtis Holmes! A new study from January 2014 indicates a nationwide increase of this average by about 10% compared to older studies.

We resized the infographics to fit here, just click the preview to see a large and readable version of it in original size.

Is a bent or curved penis normal?

There is no general answer, but in most cases it is totally fine and normal. Especially a relatively big penis often isn’t totally straight, nature isn’t perfect and the inner tubes that inflate in erect state are not totally even. So, some degree of curve or bend is not a reason to worry, no matter if up, down, left or right. If in doubt, see a doctor.

A serious bend or curve can cause problems during sex and may be the result of the so-called peyronie’s disease, which often causes pain during erections and is caused by fibrous plaques. This kind of penile problem often affects older men, men with diabetes and after injury. You should see a doctor for diagnosis, but even in worst case treatment is possible. Depending on severity, the possibilities range from drugs to surgery. It may be embarrassing, but do not wait until the pain becomes intolerable and affects your sex life, your urologist will gladly help you and sees these kinds of problems every day. Men tend to avoid visits at the urologist whenever possible, but like women, it would be a good idea to go there more often. We don’t want to scare anyone, but testicular cancer for example is the most common young men’s cancer if you look at the age group of 15-35!

bent tube

At all cost, avoid any sort of extender that claims to make your penis straight. All these extender devices and weights do more harm than good. Do not use them, they are never a suitable way to enlarge your penis or correct any curve or bend. The only exception are approved medical devices like Phallosan Forte tested for exactly this usage.

An interesting fact at the end: Most women do not care as long as sex is satisfying for them, in most cases a bent or curved penis is no problem at all.

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